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How to quickly check that your home IoT devices are secure



You’ve spent a good amount of time getting Alexa to properly activate your wireless speakers, living room lights, and smart cam, but is your new IoT setup secure?

BullGuard has a quick and easy tool that can help you find out if there are any basic problems. It’s called the Internet of Things Scanner. The service checks to see if any of your devices are on Shodan, a search engine that lets anyone find Internet of Things devices like cameras, printers, and thermostats that are publicly accessible on the internet. Anything that’s publicly accessible may also be vulnerable to hackers if there are any security flaws in the software that can be exploited.

bullguard3 BullGuard

Using BullGuard’s web app is easy, just land on the website and click Check if I am on Shodan. A few seconds later you should have your answer. If all goes well, you’ll see a result like the one above.

Next, you can click Deep Scan to take a look at devices on your network and see if BullGuard’s scanner can find any security issues. The downside, BullGuard warns, is that a deep scan may cause vulnerable devices to be listed on Shodan. But if it does find any problems, BullGuard says it will offer details on how to secure your vulnerable devices.

The company also has an IoT consumer guide with three basic tips for securing your network that anyone should do regardless of whether they have smart devices at home or not: Set a password on your smartphone, change the default password for your router’s administration features, and change your Wi-Fi network password from the default.

That’s about all there is to BullGuard’s IoT scanner. It’s a simple way to check for any obvious vulnerabilities whenever you add any new devices to your growing collection of smart home devices.

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