How to fix threaded emails in Mail on iOS 10

You know when you’ve upset Today Show co-host Hoda Kotb that you’ve crossed a line. That’s exactly what Apple did by changing up threaded emails in iOS 10’s Mail app, which has people across the internet befuddled. What’s with all the scrolling to read messages? Why is the oldest message on the top of the thread? I know it’s perplexing, but these annoyances are easily fixable—and if you want to disable Mail threading altogether, you can do that, too.

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Move most recent email to the top

At first, I loved iOS 10’s new threaded email. Then I started planning a wedding, and email threads with vendors began to spiral out of control. Threads should’ve been the best way to manage the back-and-forth about pricing and availability, but then I realized I was shooting myself in the foot by not enabling one subtle tweak in Mail settings. Be prepared for your life to change right now: Go to Settings > Mail > Threading. Toggle on “Most recent message on top.” No more scrolling.

If this setting were turned on by default, Apple might prevent a few headaches, but at least it’s available.

How to deal with complete threads

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Another Mail setting can be a lifesaver if you regularly farm out your emails to various mailboxes, or if you want to see more than just messages you’ve received. Under Settings > Mail > Threading, you can turn on the “complete threads” feature to see all of a thread’s conversations in chronological order, regardless of which mailbox they’re in. This makes it easier to follow a conversation.

Two Mail settings you can’t change

The arrows in Mail are, frankly, a little bizarre. Instead of tapping up or down to skip to the next message as in iOS 9—you know, because messages are stacked vertically—Apple has given us left and right arrows. It seems unintuitive, but I’m getting used to it. Slowly and begrudgingly.

It’s also no longer possible to delete every message in a folder aside from Junk or Trash. Banishing all of your junk or trashed email to the Great Email Cemetery in the Sky is still possible by tapping Edit > Delete All, but in other folders you have to mark all and then move to Trash.

Turn off Mail threads altogether

If you can’t stand threading and would rather sift through related emails using Mail’s handy search bar, then go to Settings > Mail > Threading and turn off “Organize by thread.”

There are a few great features in iOS 10 that make Mail worthwhile, like the unsubscribe option that auto-responds to junk email on your behalf and a new filtering shortcut. And while email threads can take some getting used to, checking out your options in Settings > Mail will make them a whole lot easier to manage.

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You can now Shazam songs from within iMessage

Shazam for iMessage

Shazam is the latest tech company to embrace iMessage, as the music-recognition service arrives in Apple’s newest App Store.

Shazam for iMessage

Above: Shazam for iMessage

Apple launched its new iMessage App Store as part of the iOS 10 rollout last month, letting developers build services tailored specifically for Apple’s messaging app. A number of big-name brands were onboard for the initial launch, including Evernote, OpenTable, Yelp, JibJab, Words with Friends, Square Cash, Citymapper, Giphy, and IMDb.

Shazam is known for its app that lets you identify songs playing in the background, and the company recently announced one billion app downloads across the board and revealed that it is now profitable. Last week, Shazam followed another emerging trend by launching a new “Lite” version of its Android app, aimed at those in emerging markets.

Now, with the latest version of Shazam for iOS that launched last week, iMessage users can tap to detect a song directly from within iMessage. The result will appear in the “compose window,” where users can add a message before sending. The resulting message can be tapped by either party to view the artwork and see contextual data, such as how many Shazams the song has had. It also provides the opportunity to access the song in Apple Music and iTunes.



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Apple releases iOS 10 Golden Master

iOS 10 Lock screen status bar teaser 001

Since launching a developer-only preview of iOS 10 at WWDC back in the summer, public beta testers and developers have been able to test-drive a plethora of cool new features coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall. Well, Apple’s now finished work on its most significant iOS software update in years as iOS 10 just reached a Golden Master status…. Read the rest of this post here

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